Unkind Weather, Kind Shelters!

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Whether on our way to work, office, school or shopping, we cover a lot of distance in the open. Covered walkways provide us the shelter required in places like parking bays to the hotel lobby, or from the parking lot to campus. A little thoughtful designing can save the pedestrians or visitors from being caught in a deluge or battling the hot sun. After all, who would like to be soaked to the skin while just entering their favourite restaurant or entering office or college to make that important presentation?
Covered walkways are a common sight indeed in all cities that believe in making life convenient and easy for their citizens. They are also highly convenient and can be used in lots of places, from public gardens to private residences.
Ace Shelters Ltd., have been manufacturing high quality shelters and covered walkways. Many of you will have seen their stylishly done, colourful bus shelters, youth shelters, outdoor canopies, cycle shelters, waiting shelters, school shelters, trolley shelters, pram shelters, smoking shelters and so on.
Along with the standard shelter designs, Ace Shelters also provides customised shelters. These are designed according to the clients specifications and requirements. The expert engineering team can design on behalf of the client and execute the project skillfully.
With 60 years of expertise in this field, Ace Shelters are surging ahead with new technology back up to provide the utmost safety from hazardous conditions. They are also aluminum stock holders and use the best of aluminum extrusion pipes which are strong and solid. Their products are designed to withstand the ravages of weather as well as public handling yet look pleasing to the eyes. Their designs and installations compliment their surroundings.
Based in Leeds, Ace Shelters provides covered walkway for schools connecting different blocks, linking them with the other parts of the building, connecting office blocks, providing protection for car park users, and many more diverse uses.
Recently Ace Shelters have installed a covered walkway at Sittingbourne Morrisons new RDC. Here the covered pathway is about 300 linear meters and give protection from all weather conditions.
High grade aluminum with powder coated, corrosion and maintenance free pipes and glasses are used to give utmost protection to pedestrians. Diverse colour selection and glazing options are available to suit the location and requirements of the customers.

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Ace Shelters also offer free site survey giving you suggestions and advice as to how and where to design the shelters for covered walkways, and what to include in them. Their products also adhere to strict DDA norms. You can log onto www.aceshelters.co.uk and find out the best shelter solutions awaiting you!

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Unkind Weather, Kind Shelters!

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    Vince+Petrucelli- 2010/11/29 21:47:58 pm

    Brasco is actually a better provider for these types of products. I've used them for years and have come to rely on and trust their quality customer service, products and on time delivery. They have been doing it for over 20 years and I refer all my colleagues to them.

This article was published on 2010/11/29