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Pram Shelters are increasingly gaining popularity; for the convenience they bring along. They are a huge respite when it comes to getting some additional storage space; and don't we love that extra space to store! Pram Shelters are a convenient option for storage outside your house since they are equipped with exact features you need for safety.

Built from sturdy material, with locked doors they are equipped with the safety ones need while storing valuables. Plus the lighting is an extra advantage in case you need use them post dark or even to steer away robbery. These shelters also feature guttering and drainage to keep your pram shelter clean, non-smelly and hygienic. Yes, all these features do make a pram shelter a low maintenance investment.

A cluttered room can give a very messy look, no matter how much one tries to organize. And Pram shelters are a great tool to organize and steer clear of blocking walking space around the room. Indeed these shelters are also a bonus when keeping fire exits which are vital clear of clutter. Fire exits need to be easily accessible, and that's exactly what pram shelters do.

These shelters provide a very safe and secure place to store prams, also sheltering them from external elements. The shelters we offer have the option of a locking door so extra security is obtained, not to mention reassurance that no one else will enter the shelter ‘out of hours'. Garrick Shelters are well known name, when it comes to installing and designing pram shelters. They proudly boost of designing customized pram shelters meant to suit your needs and wants.

These pram shelters do not have to look dull and boring; as they are available in varied colours you can choose from. Not only your house has to be beautiful; your surroundings and outdoor too. So don't compromise with a boring looking pram shelter when you can try out Garricks designs.

Garrick's team has mastered the art to personalise pram shelters. They will discuss your ideas, give you great suggestions and make a great cocktail of the two in the end product. Garrick's experienced designers can create a pram shelter to fit your area perfectly, with different configurations possible. Their shelters come with a choice of flat, pitched or elliptical roofs, depending on your preference.

Garrick Engineering Shelters have been working within homes, schools and nurseries for years and their entire team, be it in the sales office or out on the field, have been CRB checked. So a name you can definitely trust on is Garrick.

So say goodbye to crammed spaces within the room, to hindrances and hurdles in your path and say hello to pram shelters!

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All you have got to do is, log on to and enjoy a shopping experience like no other. Yes, the user friendly website will assist you on every step. It's the simplest and the easiest way to make your decision for pram shelters by Garrick.

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This article was published on 2010/11/18