Pram shelters for your school or nursery

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Pram bays are catching on at schools, nurseries and day care centres around the country for a number of reasons. First of all, they have a great convenience factor. The shelters make it easy for people to leave their prams in a secure and safe location that is also clean and well lit. Many pram shelters have individual bays for prams and when ordering one you can even specify a lockable bay for every individual pram for maximum security. Second, they are a great utilisation of space which is very limited in crowded urban areas and at an even greater premium for establishments like schools and nurseries. The other reason that they are catching on really fast is the safety risks that they reduce. The one place that people tend to leave prams is in the way of thoroughfares and this is a huge hazard. The other place that people tend to leave them is in fire escapes or behind fire escape doors. This is another hazard and in an emergency could turn fatal for someone.

Pram shelters solve all these problems and also make life simpler for parents by providing a single, easy to use location that is readily apparent. Parents or care takers no longer need to search for a place to park their prams when they arrive at your establishment if there is a shelter provided. The right kind of shelter is a boon to any mall, shopping arcade, school or day care centre. If installed in the right place, it can speed up throughput and even lead to more business. When choosing between two similar retail outlets, parents with prams are much more likely to choose the establishment that has been thoughtful enough to provide secure shelters for their prams.

Modern shelters are custom made to your exact design and space requirements and are available in a range of styles and configurations. You can choose the number of bays you would like to have, the kind of roof you want, the colours and even whether you want the ability for the prams to be locked in to the shelter. These shelters are made of high grade materials and have perspex or glass windows that are not only scratch resistant but also protect parents, children and the expensive prams from harmful UV rays. These shelters are made to provide great service for years.

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Pram shelters for your school or nursery

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This article was published on 2010/09/24