Ace Bus Shelters: Convenient and Stylish!

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Talking of shelters, the obvious name that comes to mind is Ace Shelters. They have been providing shelters to Britons for the past 60 years. Many of UK's roads are adorned by Ace Shelters products.

Most of us use bus shelters daily at any given time. However most of us will not think about the engineering and designing that goes into it. The fact is that a lot of thought, engineering skills and quality material goes into making these bus shelters that are designed keeping our safety and convenience in mind.

Ace Shelters manufacture aesthetic bus shelters without compromising on the quality. They design, manufacture and install a wide range of shelters of standard makes for city roads and also the countryside. They are also often called upon to manufacture bus shelters that are tailor made to the specification of the customers.

Their structures are made to merge with the immediate environment. A variety of configurations is available from cantilever to fully enclosed ones. Glazing options allows the customer to choose a colour that will blend with the surroundings. Known for their quality of structure and innovative designing, these specially made custom-built shelters can be seen throughout the UK.

Ace Shelters use different materials like high grade aluminium alloy, powder coated mild steel galvanised or zinc plated. All drawings and designs are done according to the customers' specifications and requirements. The team of in-house experts design the shelter specifying the materials used, durability of the structure, the installations they can provide inside the shelters, the type of heat resistant or rain resistant coats applied to keep the shelter strong to withstand the harsh weather. The shelters include toughened safety glass, polycarbonate or tamper resistant perforated steel sheets.

The specially made, custom-built shelters of Ace Shelters can accommodate advertising panels, RTI systems, solar lighting, CCTV, perch seating and time table cases. They are fixed with anti-tamper security fixings, with concealed compartments for electrical and CCTV cabling.

Being aluminium stock holders themselves, the company is able to provide the best quality extrusions at reasonable prices. Ace Bus Shelters manufactures all their products in their own factory in Leeds, and offer full installation service throughout the UK. Their prompt services have developed a large loyal clientele.

These solid structures with artistic shapes and designs are found in cities and towns. The traditional waiting shelters in small towns and villages are given a modern touch by strengthening their basic structure. Ace Shelters also undertakes city regeneration programmes to help retain the old world charm of the rural areas.

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Ace Bus Shelters: Convenient and Stylish!

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This article was published on 2010/11/26